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JC Nolan J.C. Nolan is a technologist, designer, artist and teacher in the San Francisco Bay area. He makes things work. He makes them go faster. He makes them look great. He has an extensive track record for both being relied on by industry leaders and creating game changing, important works. J.C. Nolan has a truly unique skill set which spans from the most technical side of computer programming and engineering to gracefully executed art in multiple mediums.

J.C. Nolan isn’t just a problem solver. He uses science, technology and intuition from experience to identify issues before they arise, and position clients and employers to enjoy enhanced functionality, flexibility, and net returns long after a project is completed. He is a leader, team player, motivated to go above and beyond just because it’s the right thing to do, while maximizing resources.

Endowed with an appreciation for philosophy by his parents and grandparents J.C. Nolan is often considered a practical visionary by those closest to him; one whom discovers both technical and macro challenges, finds solutions for them, and makes it easier for those to expand on them in the future.

Whether it is coding for major tech companies, developing digital branding and marketing strategies for clients, authoring books or creating video games, sculptures or origami models this Silicon Valley native is easily spotted for his great sense of humor, diligence, and eye for detail, while working to transform the world one fold at a time.